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If you suspect academic misconduct on any work that a student submits (in final or draft form), you may talk with the student about your concerns before referring them to Office of Academic Integrity (OAI) but you are not required to do so. If you do speak with the student and continue to believe that cheating or plagiarism occurred, don’t let the student dissuade you from reporting the incident. You may need to remind the student that instructors are required to report suspected academic misconduct and that merely reporting the incident is not a determination of their responsibility. Whether to inform the student (either directly or via email) that you have referred them to OAI, is also up to you.

Timeliness of Academic Misconduct Reports

Instructors are encouraged to submit a report to the Office of Academic Integrity if they have reason to believe, based on observation or other information, that a student has violated the university’s academic integrity standards. Instructors may choose to submit a Faculty-Student Resolution or Formal Report.

Reports are encouraged to be submitted promptly. Generally, a matter will be reviewed only when a report has been filed with the office within one year of discovery of the alleged violation.

Reports of academic misconduct can be sent to OAI using one of the forms below and emailing a completed report including relevant supporting documents to For more information about reporting academic misconduct email us or call (213) 764-4163.

Faculty-Student Resolution

A faculty-student resolution is an option and opportunity for an instructor to directly resolve minor violations of academic integrity with a student if the student accepts responsibility for the allegation (and the instructor’s proposed resolution). Students who have previously been found responsible for a violation of academic misconduct at the university are not eligible for the FSR process. Click here for additional guidance regarding the FSR process or contact the Office of Academic Integrity with any questions.

Formal Report

Reports must be submitted by the faculty of record or an approved designee.

When submitting a formal report, please email all relevant supporting documentation to the Office of Academic Integrity (OAI). Additionally, please provide a detailed account of the suspected misconduct and the party(ies) involved.

Contact OAI with any questions regarding the submission of reports.