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Academic Integrity Week

Integrity Matters:
Celebrating Academic Integrity Week

Academic Integrity is vital to upholding the standards of excellence and rigor consistent with our Unifying Values. Academic Integrity Week is a time to reinforce our commitment to honesty, ethics, and responsibility in academia. Throughout the week, there will be a focus on topics for students and instructors, including:

  • Deterring and detecting plagiarism and inappropriate collaboration
  • Artificial Intelligence and chatbots like ChatGPT – implications for academic integrity and pedagogy reform
  • Research anxiety and student well-being
  • Reporting procedures and disciplinary actions for integrity violations
  • Fostering a culture of integrity, excellence, and accountability through assignments and classroom policies

Previous Academic Integrity Week Sessions

USC Librarians Jennifer Silverman and Michaela Ullman share tips and techniques to successfully identify and avoid submitting plagiarized academic work.

Ariana Varela, Information Literacy Instruction Librarian at USC Libraries, will discuss incorporating critical information literacy skills and citation justice into your research. Participants will practice citation chaining and learn about resources available to help track your research and citations.

Generative AI has created a split among educators between those that view it as a threat and those that see it as an opportunity. This panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities that Generative AI presents for educators and students as we pursue education with integrity.

Learn skills and techniques to effectively work with students and encourage organization and productivity. Presented by the USC Kortschak Center.

Learn techniques and strategies to manage stress and anxiety. The session emphasizes stress occurring due to academic requirements, but can be applied generally for anything causing stress or anxiety.